Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Happenings Part 1

Little witches, Elsa's and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be out in droves this evening filling treat bags up with chocolate, gum and the ever present pencil from the dentist down the street.  We've always made Trick or Treating an event for the entire family and with small kids excited to scour the neighborhood, I've stopped buying Trick or Treat candy for our house.  I used to then I realized we were never home to pass it out so it ended up as an extra five pounds on my hips.

The entire week of Halloween, we are usually busy with pumpkin patches, Fall festivals, carving pumpkins and costume shopping (or hectically finishing costumes up).  We started out our Halloween week with some awesome news from my husband's God-Brother and wife who are our closest friends. After years of infertility, they had a successful IVF treatment and are now expecting twins.  They did their gender reveal on Tuesday and I am so excited for them!!

Twin Girls!!

Dallas, Cricket and Jager are their dogs and will be acting as protective older brothers I'm sure!

We had a Fall Festival at Billy and Shalyn's church last weekend where the kids enjoyed earning candy for winning games.  The church youth group ran the games and we got to have a costume dress rehearsal.

Zakk the Ninja Warrior and Shalyn the Mermaid

Billy Goat and his girlfriend Bailey Cat

Shalyn covering her mom's arm in face paint.
On Wednesday, we picked Shalyn up from school and headed out to the "Pumpkin Patch".  Tons of photo ops while we were picking pumpkins.  I think the kids finally got tired of posing for me though!

Tonight, we'll dress up again and head to our uncle's house.  He always throws together a nice dinner and fun treats for the adults.  The entire extended family will gather there and our little group cousins will have fun running through the neighborhood together with tons of glow necklaces and bracelets.  Part 2 will feature the Shay's Hello Kitty pumpkin and this evenings happenings.  Hope you have a great Halloween and be safe!

Dustin's first detailed carving

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