Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Sun Will Come Up...

...tomorrow.  So you'd better hang onto tomorrow, come what may!

I'm pushing through my clouds finally.  My motivation levels still aren't where they should be but are already so much better.  Two days ago, I hit bottom.  I usually have to be doing something.  Even if I'm sitting on the couch watching TV, my hands are going, either with my laptop or a craft project.  Always in motion, no matter what.  My fallout was fully realized when I laid on the couch watching an entire football game (Roll Tide!) and not moving at all.  The next day, I told myself enough was enough and I was going to at least get something small done.  Two hours later, I still hadn't moved and instead I was crying because I couldn't convince myself to get up.

Luckily, it seems the anti-depressant's have kicked in finally!  Monday I finally tackled that huge pile of laundry.  Folded, hung, put away and I fully finished the one load of dirty clothes we had.  I pressed my husband's uniforms and started straightening up my bedroom.  We ended up having frozen pizza for dinner just because I didn't dare stop with the laundry for fear that I wouldn't be able to pick it back up.  Tuesday, I organized the freezer, made a sourdough bread starter and organized my bathroom counter including all my makeup.

That's just all my regular use stuff!  So it's been weeded through, staples stored in a small bag kept in a basket on the counter with everything else thrown in my big makeup bag under the sink.  I'm going to have to get a drawer system soon as I subscribe to both Birchbox and Ipsy, receiving more makeup every month.  But for now, it's a start.  And yes, fifteen eyeliners and eight mascaras are necessary ;).

Life's definitely getting easier again.  I'm an organizing freak though none of the males in the house know how to put anything away when they're done with it and that means I'm constantly reorganizing.  When I can't motivate myself to do it, I have to start again from scratch and that's where we sit now.  I have a lot of housework ahead of me and when that's finally set right again, I can work on my projects.  Guilt doesn't let me get crafty when there's housework to do.  It's going to be a little while but I'm itching to finish up my oldest son's jean quilt and my oldest daughter's paintings!

Current project list:

Editing my granddaughter's 1st birthday pictures for an album.

Her daddy's (my oldest son) jean quilt.

My oldest daughter's paintings.

A Hello Kitty Pumpkin for the youngest daughter.

Alabama hair bows for all three of us girls.

Making an Alabama wreath for the front door.  Below is a picture of the one my talented cousin made for her house.

Trying out new bagel recipes.  This was my first batch of poppy seed bagels which were a huge hit!

And finally, I need to get the youngest's Halloween costume altered.  She had a full body mermaid costume that she has outgrown, but that's what she wants to be for Halloween, so I'm turning the whole thing into just a skirt.  She has a top that goes well with it so it will work out terrifically.

All of these, I want completed in the very near future so this whole depression, lack of motivation thing has GOT TO GO!  Especially since that Halloween costume and Hello Kitty pumpkin are needed in the next week!  So I think my first step is to hit publish and get some sleep because tomorrow has to be a busy one or I'm going to be in trouble.  Thank God for anti-depressants!  Now to sneak back into bed before my husband realizes that the sun's going to be up in a few hours and I'm still awake, he he he.

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