Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holy Foaming Soap Batman!

While engaging in one of my favorite downtime hobbies, browsing Pinterest, I came upon a DIY tutorial for foaming hand soap. I clicked and followed the link to then pinned it to my DIY board. Not wanting to go out and buy a bottle of foaming hand soap just for the pump, I never got around to trying it.

Then my boss bought some for her kids because of the Halloween wrapping. I waited and waited for the kids to go through the soap and finally last week, it happened! They have three bottles of soap at their sink, so it took a little while. Asked my boss if she minded me taking the empty bottle (she probably thinks I'm nuts!) and it sat on my kitchen counter until one of the kids tried to throw it away. I grabbed it and followed the directions with a bottle I had grabbed on my last JoAnn's visit. They had had a sale on their hand soap and Sabrina was with me. Sabrina loves soap, like really, really loves soap. She also can't buy any type of soap or lotion without smelling EVERY SINGLE VARIETY in the store (don't get me started on scented candles!). So while waiting in line, she sniffed every bottle on display and found a coconut one she liked. Mixed it up, using 1/3 of the original soap and we're foaming baby!

 I paid $1 for the soap, 1/3 of it was used in the foaming recipe, this means I now have 3 bottles of foaming soap at $.33 each. This makes my frugal, accountant side absolutely overjoyed! It also means I can now "splurge" on the pretty, more costly varieties such as Bath and Bodyworks.  And now, there's no such thing as wasted soap (notice the mostly empty bottle on the right that I've refused to throw away) as you have to mix water into it.  God, I love Pinterest!

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