Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Throwdown

It's Friday!! And what that means for me is that I'm gearing up for my weekend project. Now that the living room has been spotlessly cleaned, purged, organized, and MAINTAINED for a week(!!!!!), it's time to move onto the kitchen. During my hubbie's renovation project, my cabinet contents have been residing along the walls on the floor. This week, I'm getting everything back in place and updating the original organization.

We've got some DEEP kitchen drawers that need to be "broken up" before they're filled to the brim and we can't find anything. I think I may have even figured out what to do with that huge bay window that currently only serves as a place to put things until the cats decide they don't want them there.

FYI: Turning a kitchen bay window into an indoor greenhouse doesn't work well with cats...

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