Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fashion makeover...in progress

Today, I'm sporting an extremely fashionable, trend setting, old pair of black yoga pants with hot pink hearts going down the leg.  I topped it off with a fashion forward hot pink hoodie, no make-up and hair up in a ponytail.  This is normal work array for me, at the moment.  Here in just a few weeks, that all changes.  I will start a very corporate internship with a CPA firm and my "style" NEEDS to change.

So, I've been doing something I very rarely do...looking for fashion ideas.  Not necessarily clothes, because I'm pretty good in that regard when I want to be, but hair and make-up.  I have thick, wavy hair that reaches down to my waist.  So many things I could do with it, I just don't know how!  When I wear make-up, I normally go with a innocent, barely there routine.  It's seriously time for an update.

I have two classes today, one being a resume writing workshop, so I asked Sabrina for help.  She loves to do hair, especially braids.  I can french braid my hair, but it's so long, my arms are dying before I'm half way through.  So she sat me down, did a french crown and then put it into a fishtail braid:

Told ya, hot pink hoodie, lol.  I think if I teased the top and practiced a lot, I could pull this off in a business environment pretty well.  I need to practice my up-dos as well, that's always a handful.  That's my goal for the next two weeks, to find 5 or 6 styles that I can pull off and make look polished.  Make-up shouldn't be much of an issue.  My only surprise in looking for ideas was that there's fifteen million different types of make-up brushes.  Can't you just use the ones that come in the make-up packages? ;)

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