Sunday, September 28, 2014

Starting Over

I love blogs, I love reading blogs, I love thinking about creating blogs.  I'm just not that great about blogging regularly.  As it's been eight months since my last post, I going to delete them all, copy the ones that are still relevant and re-post.

It may seem weird to delete, but I haven't done the grateful posts either, so that's irrelevant now.  I'm now longer nannying, I finished my accounting internship, and I graduated with my Associate's Degree.  I was so busy there for awhile, I just couldn't find the energy to post.  Now that we're heading back into the colder months, there will be a lot more inside time for projects and blogging.  That doesn't mean I haven't been doing projects though!  Absolutely not, I'm DIY to the bone!  So over the next week, I'll repost the entries I plan on keeping and get y'all up to date!

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